Sunday, August 5, 2007

Promoting the Image of Nursing In Africa

Throughout our interactions with nurses in Uganda, it was apparent that like in many African countries, alot of work still needs to be done to enhance the image of the nursing profession globally. For example when we visited Buwenge rural clinic, in Uganda, it was disheartening to witness firsthand the fact that nurses could not afford uniforms. The government provides 1 nursing uniform every 4 years. For this reason nurses like Mary, Hellen and Stella, are forced to wear regular clothes to work
According to the Center for Nursing Advocacy,

"Professional looking uniforms help create a public image of nurses as educated professionals deserving respect"
Uniform costs in Uganda is estimated at $20 per uniform. For this reason, NTAHI is committed to enhancing the image of nursing worldwide, one nurse at a time. You can help us achieve our goals by supporting our Uniform Drive for Ugandan nurses. Click here for more details

An Opportunity for Lasting Friendships.......

Have you ever considered a career in global health? Amidst many challenges, living and working in another country can be tremendously rewarding for nurses and their families, offering closer bonding, warm friendships, travel and adventure. Share your global health experiences with us

What are the Prospects of Eradicating Poverty in Africa?

Saturday, August 4, 2007

NTAHI in Uganda Summer 2007

NTAHI Meets Ugandan Ambassador to the United States

Our International Partners

Joint Clinical Research Center (JCRC)

Uganda National Association of Nurses and Midwives (UNANM)

Uganda Concern for the Vulnerable (UCOVU)

NTAHI Team Member Profiles and Contact Information

Jennifer Gray RN, PhD
Associate Dean, PhD in Nursing Program
George W. and Hazel M. Jay Professor
University of Texas at Arlington

Alusine Jalloh, PhD
Founding Director, The Africa Program
Professor of History
University of Texas at Arlington

David K Mureeba PE
President and CEO Global Electro-Comm International, Inc

Lori Spies, RN, NP-C
Missions Coordinator,
Interim Family Nurse Practitioner Coordinator
Baylor University, Louise Herrington School of Nursing
Doctoral Student in Nursing
University of Texas at Arlington

Jakki Opollo RN, BSN
Registered Nurse Cardiovascular ICU
Medical City Dallas Hospital
MSN/MPH Student
University of Texas at Arlington
University of North Texas Health Sciences Center

About Us: North Texas Africa Health Initiative

The North Texas Africa Health Initiative (NTAHI) is a coalition of professional individuals committed to addressing healthcare challenges in Africa through strengthened partnerships between African countries and a group of North Texas universities, hospitals, and faith based communities

It is the Mission of NTAHI to utilize innovative, sustainable and culturally congruent interventions to advance the equitable distribution of healthcare resources, and access to healthcare for global mankind.